Some brief thoughts for your consideration

The word “salvation” means being safe from harm—in mind, body and affairs. It means having a calm mind, clear from negativity, which leads to a healthy body, and satisfying, abundant inter-personal relationships and economic affairs. It all begins with mind.

Salvation is attained by atonement with God, which means at-one-ment, union, resonance with Universal Spiritual Presence. Therefore, to be safe from harm we must come into union with the Presence of God.

This is the goal of the Fool’s work.

“The highest and the inmost are one.” Charles Fillmore

We can—through knowledge—make huge differences in the world, even though our numbers are small.

“Spirituality is understanding, not imagining.”

– Idris Shah

“Turn the other cheek” means to turn away from anger and all negative emotions—to turn away from those displaying them and from situations that contain them.

When Spirit detects that we’re listening, it starts handing out jobs. Do you know what your jobs are?

Many things are real, but hardly anything is true.

“God is within; we are without.” Meister Eckhart

Sufficient inner power defeats outer power.

We must not lie to ourselves, so that we can thereby see ourselves objectively, without compromise, justification or evasion.

It’s not enough to just want to be a flower. Nature already has plenty of flowers. As a human being, you have a greater purpose. It is your responsibility to discover what your purpose is, and then to realize it.

What will you undertake to pay the debt of your existence?

Who would you be willing to be an agent of power for? How would you prepare for such a job?