From Volume 1


Lost meanings and connections — A Walk Back In Time — Tendrils of Remembrance — The Secret Archetypal Tarot — Time for some Foolishness! — The Big Secret, The Ancient Mystery — How to Use this Book — A Note on Tarot and Astrology [Read this free chapter]

Part I. The Contraction of Reality

Chapter 1 — The World As We Find It

What Happened to Paradise? — The First Question — Piercing Faux Reality — We Have Lost Access to Our Souls — About Fear — The Root of All Fears — The Cracks in the World — Costs and Consequences [Read this free chapter]

Chapter 2 — The Golden Age

The Lands of Paradise — Hyperborea and the “Supreme Country” — The Limits of Understanding — Traditionalism — The Problem of Evolutionary Progress — The Days of Yore — Where Is Paradise? — Paradise Is a State of Being — Can Paradise Become Real Again? — Apaches and Sufis — Reasoning vs. Reality — Summary

Chapter 3 — The Cataclysm

Where Did Paradise Go? — The Catastrophe in Myths — Sin, Catastrophe and Punishment — The Mythical Ages of the World — Theories of the Cataclysm — The Allen-Delair Catastrophe Model — Metaphysical Cyclic Time — Consciousness and Reality — The “Fall of Man” — The End of the Golden Age — Cosmic Dynamics — Adam and Eve Did What? — Who Will Come to the Rescue? — The Separation of Shiva and Shakti — What Cataclysm?

Chapter 4 — The Takeover and the Dark Times

The Aftermath — The Divisions of Humanity — “A” and “B” Influences — The Few and Tradition — The Powerful Arise — The Rule of the Powerful — The Regression of Authority — The Christian Interregnum — The Terror of History — The Laws of Accident and Exception — The Task of the Few

Chapter 5 — The Nature of Evil

“Sharks” — In that Split Second … — The “Satan” Metamatrix — The Contingency of Evil

Chapter 6 — The Fool Wakes Up

Metanoia — The Hamsa Bird — Lucifer — The Tarot of the Present — The Initiation of the Fool

Part II. The Way Back

Chapter 7 — The In-Between Worlds of the Few

More about “A” and “B” Influences — Symbols and Archetypes — Archetypes by Any Other Name … — levels of Meaning — The Parable of the Floaters — The Kaleidoscope model fo Reality — Floaters in Action — How Floaters Work — the “Restaurant Problem” — Floater Parties — The Current Reality Play — Floaters, Exeunt Stage Lfet — Things That Think Themselves — The Misuse of T4s — The Invisible Battle

Chapter 8 — Remnants of Ancient Knowledge

What Myths Are — The Flight of Birds — Technology Recapitulates Spiritual Powers — Severed Heads & Other Mysteries — Journey as Myth

From Volume 2

Part III. The Fool’s Journey

Chapter 9 — Introduction the the Fool’s Tarot

The Symbolism of the Images — The Genesis of the Fool’s Tarot — The Tarot of Don Miguel Ruiz — Resequencing the Tarot Trumps — The Zodiac and Galactic Alignment — The Galactic Fool — The Empress is Revealed — A Note on the Trump Names [Read this free chapter]

Chapter 10 — The Parable of the Coach

The Hell Cards — The Transformation of the Fool — The Transcendental Cards — The Stages of the Journey — Stage I Portal — Stage II Inner Knowledge — Stage III The Warrior — Stage IV Sacrifice — Stage VI Emergence — Stage VII Self-Realization — The Stage of Transcendence — Summary of the Journey

Chapter 11 — The Four Aspects of Hell

The Blasted Tower

Introduction — A Physical Cataclysm — The Human Pillar — Severed Heads Redux — The Tower of Babel — The “Erect Member” Hypothesis — Lightening Bolts, Kundalini, Shiva and Shakti — The “House of God” — The Transformation and the Return

The Wheel of Life and Death

The Process of Materialization — Exploring the Symbol — Manipulating the Image — King Arthur and the Holy Grail — The Revolving Castle — The Fourfold Transformation

Interlude — A Shem Is Not A Rocket Ship

The Tower of Babel — A Name by Any Other Name — Zecharia Sitchin — The Trip to Heaven — The Literalist Landscape — Not Buck Rogers? — Mircea Eliade to the Rescue — Decoding the Rest of the Story — Will the Real Shems Stand Up?

The Devil

The Image — Inorganic Beings

The Hanging Man

“Righting” Ourselves — The Figure of Four

Chapter 12 — The Fool

The Image of the Fool — Severed Heads in the Tarot — The Eidolon and the Daemon — Emerging Awareness — The Journey of Initiation

Chapter 13 — The Eye of Death & Rebirth

The Fool’s Journey Map — Traversing the “Eye” — Shiva and Shakti as Archetypes — Summary of the Journey

Chapter 14 — Stage I – The Portal

The Return — On completing the Journey

The Sun

The Gemini Daemon and Eidolon — The Two Races of Mankind — Gemini — Janus and the Portal — The Dual Sun — Briar Rose — The Operational Sun as Light — About the Practices

Chapter 15 — Stage II – Inner Knowledge


The Trumpet’s Call — The Call to Adventure — Time for Some Foolishness! — Transcendental Flexibility

The Moon Pool

The Pool or Grotto — The “actors” — Cancer the Crab — The Fool’s Path to Self-Knowledge

The Heirophant

Interpretation — Pontifex — Grace — Taurus — The Guru Chakra — Who Is the Inner Guru? — Nature’s Safeguards — The Energy Body

Chapter 16 — Stage III – The Warrior


Leo — The Problem of Lying — Intentional Suffering — David and the Lion — The Flight of the Dragon — The Lion and Kundalini

The Emperor

Interpretation — The Inner State — Aries — Constructing your “Empire” — The Invisible King Returns — The Flight of the Dragon, Part 2

Interlude on a Park Bench

Chapter 17 — Stage IV – Conjunction

The Ladder of Ascent — Overview of Stage IV

The Virgin Priestess

Thomas the Rhymer — Virgo — initiation — Kore and the Virgin Mary — The Sacred Marriage — Necessity

The Chariot

Famous Chariots & Baskets


The Warrior’s Skill

The Hermit

Pisces — The Ark-Angel — Summary of Stage IV

Chapter 18 — Stage V – Sacrifice

The Star

The Woman — The Single Star — The Seven Stars — The Tree and the Bird — Aquarius — The Liquid — The Star of “The First Noel”


Maat’s Libation — The Death — Libra

Chapter 19 — Stage VI – Emergence

The Lovers

The Grim Reaper — Palingenesis — Capricorn — Jonah and the “Whale”

The Empress

Born from Above — The Womb and the Cave — Scorpio and the Phoenix

Chapter 20 — Stage VII Self-Realization

The Magician

The Image — Ouroboros — Sagittarius — perseus and Pegasus — The Centaur and the Sun — Those Who Are Awake — The Lineage — The Goddess Hel — Coda: “Hey, nonny, nonny.”

Chapter 21 — Transcendence

The World

The Vesica Pisces — The Four Figures — Ophiuchus, the Thirteenth Sign — The Eighth Chakra — Terminus

Prolog: The Journey Goes Ever On

Appendix — Thomas the Rhymer