From The Fool’s Secret Journey – Volume 1


Lost meanings and connections — A Walk Back In Time — Tendrils of Remembrance — The Secret Archetypal Tarot — Time for some Foolishness! — The Big Secret, The Ancient Mystery — How to Use this Book — A Note on Tarot and Astrology

Chapter 1 – The World As We Find It

What Happened to Paradise? — The First Question — Piercing Faux Reality — We Have Lost Access to Our Souls — About Fear — The Root of All Fears — The Cracks in the World — Costs and Consequences

From The Fool’s Secret Journey – Volume 2

Chapter 9 – Introduction to the Fool’s Tarot

The Symbolism of the Images — The Genesis of the Fool’s Tarot — The Tarot of Don Miguel Ruiz — Resequencing the Tarot Trumps — The Zodiac and Galactic Alignment — The Galactic Fool — The Empress is Revealed — A Note on the Trump Names

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