The Fool’s Journey books are out!

A problem with for Fool’s Journey classes in the past was there was so much new information people couldn’t keep track of everything, despite often voluminous handouts each week. Well that problem is now solved.

The Fool’s Secret Journey: the Hidden Tarot, the Zodiac and the Goddess

Volume 1
The Fool Wakes Up

Volume 2
A Map of Death and Rebirth

The twenty-one chapters plus an Introduction are divided into three parts:

Part I. The Contraction of Reality

How we got where we are today; the Golden Age and the cataclysm that followed it; the takeover by the powerful and the dark times that followed; the nature of evil; the Fool wakes up.

Part II. The Way Back

The in-between worlds of the Few; “A” and “B” influences; archetypes, floaters and Things That Think Themselves. About myths, the flight of birds, severed heads and sacred journeys.

Part III. The Fool’s Journey

The Fool’s Tarot introduction; Sufic origins; the Zodiac and galactic alignment. The Parable of the Coach; the four aspects of hell, the Fool; the Eye of death and rebirth; the 8 stages of the journey; self-relization and transcendence.

I have divided these chapters into two volumes. Volume 1 contains Part I and Part II, and is available now from Amazon.Volume 2, subtitled A Map of Death and Rebirth, contains Part III, and is also available from Amazon.

An annotated table of contents is available.

I will also expand the site with details of different aspects of the story and the journey from time to time, depending on requests and whatever seems important at the moment.

About the books

Although I have written in a conversational style, the book itself is well-documented. There are over 350 end notes from over 150 sources, and I’m sorry if that daunts you, but a Warrior-Fool gets over any past aversion to such details and just gets on with it.

There is a good reason for all that documentation:

  • I haven’t written anything you can’t verify for yourselves. Ultimately, opinions are useless, and the proper Fool has no use for them.
  • We don’t do opinions here, not even mine. So I’m giving you all the tools and resources to verify everything I’ve said, or at least to follow along to see how I constructed the Journey.
  • Even considering this, I don’t expect you to believe anything I tell you. Therefore, it’s your journey. However, be warned. To discover anything important in life, you have to work for it. The Fool’s Journey material is no exception.

The purpose of this site is not to tell you what your purpose on Earth is (you have to figure that out for yourself), but to help you gain the inner clarity and skills to not only understand it, but to be able to pursue it successfully.

I’ll put the book’s Bibliography online when I can, so you can take a look. I may even annotate some of the entries and provide direct links to their Amazon pages for those interested in going further.

The Practicebook

The work of the Fool’s Journey consists of two broad parts. The first is the understanding of how we came to be as we are today, and what might be done about it. This is the left-brain or intellectual part of the work. Without this understanding, we have no awareness that a change of state within ourselves is possible, or in what direction it might lie. These are the topics covered by The Fool’s Secret Journey.

However, each stage of the journey has certain practices that provide the content of the necessary inner work. These are best given in a medium more flexible than a printed book or even ebook. So I have split out the practices into a separate Practicebook, which will take the form of audio and video material, along with the necessary supporting graphics and descriptions. This material is available in Fool’s School..

Please check back if you might be interested in this aspect of the work. The practices and materials are mostly original, although some of the material has been adapted from other sources. It is all organized, however, in a way as to support a spiritual journey toward initiation.