Who They Are

The Few are wisdom beings that exist partly in a higher realm, and partly in our realm. They are all good guys and girls. That’s the higher part.

They are not always (or even primarily) physical beings. Nor are they primarily individual beings. It is best to just say who they are and what they do.

If you embark on the Fool’s Journey, you’ll get to know them firsthand.

Those Who Are Awake

Many have said that we are asleep to the greater reality around us that we do not perceive. For example, we are asleep even to the existence of the Few and their realm, which is all around us. The Few are awake. They wish to wake us up as well, which specifically means to teach us to expand our consciousness so we can again perceive them as we could so long ago.

Ladies & Lords of Wisdom

The idea that there are wise beings around us, willing—longing—to impart their wisdom to us is a novel idea. But it is also a very old one. Once people relied on these beings in their everyday lives. Yes, they are hard to reach these days; that’s the effect of the great schism in our world.

Wisdom Beings

Also known as The Wise. At the lowest level is data. Raw, unorganized data. When we organize it we get information. When we learn and so know what that information means, then we understand it. When we connect understanding with higher levels of being than ourselves, we understand the why of it. Then, knowing what to do about this understanding—how to use it correctly or not at all—that is wisdom. That is what the Few can teach us.

The Few are In-between beings who live on both sides of the boundary between the material and immaterial worlds at the same time. Part of the wisdom they wish to impart to us is that we can join them; we can learn to exist in the same in-between places. In short, we can become as they are.

The Faithful Few

“Never give up, never surrender.” A message for us from a group of beings who are always true to the Source of all things. We would also have this strength, this will, were we not consciously estranged from this Source. And let’s be clear, this estrangement is through no fault of our own. This was a possible condition of existence in our corner of the cosmos, and we knew this before we agreed to come here. It is still more than possible for us to bridge this gap of awareness; it is expected of us. This might seem a hopeless task, but we have these Faithful Few to assist us. All we need do is orient our awareness toward them in a state of inner calm. Success and reunion will be ours if we, also, never give up.

A Crew of Creative Comforters

Many of us feel discomfort of one kind or another. But we are amazing beings, and we can cure ourselves of most everything that ails us. But not alone. The best kinds of partners we can have are the Few, could we only hear their advice and heed it. the thing is, we can learn how to do this, but it requires a sacrifice. We must sacrifice ourselves: what we think, believe, do. We must come into neutral to become aware of communication from the Few, and to do this we must sacrifice who we think we are. If we can do this, we find that we are much greater than we ever imagined—but only in partnership with our unseen Allies.

Faculty for Fools

The word “Fool,” as we use it here, is a technical term for someone who decides to seek out these Few. In doing so, we can look foolish to others, who don’t understand our need. We begin to do new things they don’t do. We behave differently; we often become more quiet, more pensive. What used to interest us, no longer does. The challenge for us Fools is to remain committed to bringing more meaning into our life, by striving to belong to something vastly larger and greater than ourselves—by ultimately becoming a part of and living within a greater spiritual community. This takes courage. It means becoming a warrior against all those inner forces that try to hold us back on our new path. Good thing we have help.

What They Do

The Few have a purpose, or rather a range of purposes all centered on

  1. Waking us up to their presence and the greater worlds around us that are usually opaque to us,
  2. Assisting us in the tasks we have come here to perform. We share responsibility for these tasks with the Few.

These two goals are not certain to be completed, at least not with enough people to alter the course of the world. Our human mission to this realm of existence was always risky, with a certain chance of failure at every epoch. However, they never give up on us; they never stop trying to complete this whole human-Earth operation.

That being the case, here are a few ways they try to reach us.

Bearers of “B” influences

I have written extensively about “B” influences elsewhere. Check this out, because the difference between “A” and “B” influences is of prime concern to our Fool.

Contingency disrupters

Contingency here means the local circumstances that shape our lives. For example, sons often go into the same businesses that their fathers were in. If you parents were Baptists, you are likely to be one too, at least at first. The economic class we are born into determines a great deal about our lives. It’s possible, though, to break out of these contingencies and create a new life that bears little resemblance to the old one.

It’s hard to do this without help, though. One source of help is the Few, who send their “B” influences our way that can crack the eggshell of our current life that allow in rays of other possibilities. Sometimes the disruptions these cracks cause are gentle and suggestive. Other times they’re harsh and insistent. Either way, choice is always a positive event.

An academy of aligners

Sometimes things just go your way. Sometimes it’s as if the road has been recently been smoothed—just for you. This is the Few at work for your benefit. If this hasn’t been your experience, try paying more attention to what is going on around you, the subtle as well as the obvious. Be on high alert, even. You’ll be surprised at what you will notice.

Of course, all this guidance is not free indefinitely. There is always, eventually, a cost, and that is your cooperation helping the Few with the tasks of the years and the ages. You receive then you give back. That’s the deal.

Colluders of joy and comfort

Aligning yourself with the Few—becoming, essentially, one of their Agents—has definite perks. This is a process that takes time. Although sometimes not very much time, because to know without a doubt that you’ve become part of something grand, something larger and more important than you’ve ever imagined, brings great joy in and of itself.

It also brings physical and emotional comfort to your life. Here again, though, you are expected to give comfort to others—in ways that are uniquely your ways. Agents of the Few are conscious creators. Maybe you’ll start tossing out positive “B” influences of your own devising. Nothing says you can’t.

Aligners of anomalous novelty

Odd stuff sometimes just happens. Stuff that just doesn’t fit. Stuff that’s off the wall. Stuff that you wouldn’t have thought of yourself in a million years. But stuff that’s pretty cool if you give it your attention.

What’s that? You say this sort of thing never happens to you? As you read though this material you’ll find that your attention—what you consciously pay attention to—is very important. If you are always replaying past events in your mind, or worrying about future events, you will miss the novelty of each moment. You will miss the “B” influence that just sailed across your mind’s eye.

Try to stay more in the present moment. Be in neutral emotionally. this is where the bees are.