Once there was a Golden Age, and

humankind had full conscious awareness of other, higher levels of being and existence.  Today we would call these spiritual or divine realities.  This experience was in addition to a material existence on Earth.  We had, so to speak, one foot in material reality and one foot in a spiritual reality; we could move from one level of reality to the other at will.  In many myths from around the world, we remember this time as the Golden Age.

But then a terrible event …

happened about 11,500 years ago that all but broke the link in us between the two realities.  No one knows the exact nature of this catastrophe or its exact date, but all of the myths and legends from around the world that tell of this Golden Age—and scholars know of over 350 of them—also tell of a cataclysm that followed it.  Recent scientific evidence points to a large object that passed through the Solar System.  It did not strike the Earth, but passed close by it.  A swarm of debris following the object did strike our planet.  Terrible electrical discharges occurred; the oceans heaved, volcanoes spewed ash into the sky, blistering hot hurricane-force winds raged around the planet. Earth’s axis of rotation changed to the 23.5 degree tilt it has today.

After the cataclysm we did not fully recover

Much life was lost, but not all.  The planet eventually regained a new equilibrium, but humankind—the vast majority of those humans that survived—did not fully recover.  Some condition in the life-matrix of the planet had permanently changed, and it was now much harder to access those same spiritual levels of reality.  Nearly everyone was stuck in a physical body, stuck with an isolated, stranded consciousness, with no awareness of the unifying levels of awareness everyone had before the catastrophe.  They were alone within themselves, and afraid. As we still are today.

The result …

for nearly everyone was the diminished consciousness we still have today. Access to those spiritual and divine realms is mostly blocked.  Our problem today is not evolution, but recovery from a sudden devolution that happened before the beginning of the historical period, yet not so long ago that it has been forgotten, or even, at times, partially restored.

A few never lost their connection. For long centuries they tried to teach the others how to strengthen that which was still within them, but was now latent. Sometimes this worked, but more often something else happened:

Certain individuals regained partial, but imperfect connections.  Fears generated by the conditions in the outer world combined with the powers and abilities even imperfect spiritual connections always confer. This led to a type of person history knows only too well: the taker, the bully, the person with a fear of lack, like everyone else, but with the ability and will to act against others and take what they had in an attempt to assuage that lack.

In this atmosphere of fear, greed and imposed terror, the Few, afraid for their lives, were forced underground across much of the Western world.  This situation has lasted for well over a thousand years. We can all still see this atmosphere in the world today. The powerful appear to have won.

But all was not completely lost …

Descendants of those original few are still among us, and they have left messages for us, if we can learn to see them. Sparks of that original connection everyone had during the Golden Age still exist if we can learn to heed them. Much help is available to us if we are willing to do our part to seek it, for real, inner work is required.

The Fool’s Journey …

is one path toward restoring our lost connection. It uses ancient techniques and images, but presented in new ways for modern audiences. The archetypes of the 22 major Tarot cards are used (sorry, no divinations or fortunetelling here) in conjunction with the ancient signs of the Zodiac (sorry again, no horoscopes either) in entirely new ways that parallel their original meanings when the Tarot was brought to the West over 600 years ago. (Did you know, for example, that the original Tarot trumps were unnumbered? There are lots of other fun facts here if you look around.)

But what for?

Do you ever wonder why you are here on Earth? Is it hard for you to believe what others tell you the reason is? Church leaders? Your boss? Family members and peers? Your TV? What if after all that programming you are pretty sure you still don’t know?

Well, nobody on this site is going to tell you your life’s purpose, that’s for sure. The only person who can answer that question is you. But if you’re not clear, if you don’t de-program yourself, you’ll never find the answer. We can help with this. There are tools and techniques here for your journey of discovery and development. Just as important, though, is here you can begin to see that the world – and yourself in it – doesn’t have to be the way it appears to be. There’s a pretty cool alternative.

“There is no doubt the Game has dangers. For that very reason we love it; only the weak are sent out on paths without perils.” – Hermann Hesse, Magister Ludi (The Glass Bead Game)

The return of the Golden Age

One by one, within each of us, the Golden Age can be regained. No one can regain it for you, although there are some who can assist you. The journey may be long and difficult (or not), but when you know that such a journey is possible and what the completion of it means, you’ll find it is worth any price.

All you have to do is start.