What happened to the Golden Age?

What happened to the state of consciousness humans enjoyed during those times, during the Days of Yore? The Judeo-Christian tradition teaches that mankind was “sinful” and so was cast out of the Garden of Eden. In this view, it was somebody’s “fault,” and everyone’s been paying for it ever since.

There is a problem with this argument, however. If humans existed in a “paradise,” for what possible reason would they go and get themselves kicked out? Remember, everyone was connected to a vast non-physical (from our modern viewpoint) spiritual reality. It is only because we moderns can’t imagine what this must have been like that we can suppose some greed, lust, curiosity or whatever caused someone to say, “Nope. All this beauty, grace, bounty, connectedness isn’t for me. Let me outta here!”

Didn’t happen. It is only because we’re stuck in our tiny body-tied egos that we could even imagine such a thing. It’s no more than sour grapes from people looking in from the outside of this state of existence. It stems from our fear, anger, panic and dispair of no longer having what we all once did have. If in your own life you have had even one moment of this state of grace, you know you would give up everything you have and everything you are to have more of it.

No. The Golden Age was lost by an outside event that had a devastating physical effect on our planet, but also a crushing effect on our consciousness. We lost nearly all our spiritual connectedness as a result of this event. All the “sinning,” the fear, anger, killing, taking happened after this cataclysm. The first fall – the big one – was a physical/spiritual event. The second fall – the human fall – only occurred after, and was the result of, the first one.

What really happened?

We may never know exactly what happened, but recent scientific findings at least give some clues. There is now sufficient evidence we’ll turn to now that shows a global catastrophe occurred in very recent times, only 10,000 to 12,000 years ago.  This seems to be the event that ended the Golden Age on virtually all the Earth’s surface.  It is also the event that contracted human consciousness to the extent we “enjoy” today.  For we are an integral part of our environment, and when it changes, we change also.

The most cogent, well-researched and compelling account of the disaster that wracked the Earth 11,500 years ago is given by D. S. Allan and J. B. Delair in their 1997 book, Cataclysm!  Starting with a scientific assessment of the Earth’s recent geological past, they found extensive evidence that the entire surface of the Earth underwent a period of massive and prolonged earthquakes, volcanic activity, hurricane-force winds, flooding and crustal upheaval.  In addition, the Earth was bombarded by numerous meteors which left scars and gouges on the surface.  They cite evidence from the geological and climatological record, modern satellite imagery and the massive remains of plants and animals in the Arctic and elsewhere.