Why are things so bad?

We are truly in a sorry state. We hurt. We fear. Everything. We cling to our lives, afraid of getting sick. Afraid of having to pay if we do. Afraid that the best efforts of our current brand of medicos won’t be able to save us or even make us well again, at least without a lifelong drug requirement.

We are afraid to complain at work, afraid we’ll lose our job, even if it’s only a poor one or an unhappy and unsatisfying one. What would we do if we lost it?

We are afraid of the world around us, which we don’t understand. War. Finance. The law. The police. Other people. “Foreigners.” We don’t realize that they too are afraid of us.

It seems that our very reality has contracted around our fears.

Has it always been like this? If we look back far enough. we find the answer is no. And this will prompt us to look further to discover why things are not good, happy, wondrous and without fear any longer. You will ask, could they be like that again?

If you look deeply enough and without bias, you will be astounded at what you find. [Read more]

The Golden Age

Just prior to the so-called historical era – meaning the times and civilizations for which we have even a minimum written record – hundreds of myths and stories from cultures around the world, both past and present, tell of a Golden Age when humankind lived without fear. It was a time of plenty for all. Everyone had a full-time, 24/7, high-speed, broadband connection to other realms of reality that we call spiritual or divine realms today. This was nothing unusual back then; everyone had it. It was literally a time of Heaven on Earth. [Read more]

What is interesting is that all of the stories that remember this time are eerily similar to each other.

They couldn’t have all made up the same story. It seems that hundreds of different cultures remember the same kind of Golden Age. It is hard to deny that it really existed.

This seems absurd to us today, because nothing like it is in our experience. Was Paradise ever real, or was it just wishful thinking? There is much evidence that it was real, even though we may never discover physical evidence of it.

So there, say the skeptics. No physical evidence.

There is one other thing, though. In fact, a whole lot of things.

The Global Cataclysm

All these same ancient stories describe a cataclysm or wide-spread catastrophe that destroyed this Golden Age, whether through floods, fire from the sky, mighty winds, earthquakes, gigantic lightening bolts and massive volcanic eruptions, or all of these. And here there is a great deal of physical evidence from around the world. This event happened about 11,500 years ago. [Read more]

Much, perhaps most, life was lost, both animal and human. No trace was left of any prior civilizations. Only their memory. But something else was lost – something as precious as life itself. Whereas before this cataclysm humankind had a full-time connection to other realms of existence, afterwards this connection was greatly weakened. In the vast majority of people it was completely broken. Everyone was alone within themselves.

The Aftermath

After the cataclysm, everyone had a severe, long-lasting case of post-traumatic stress disorder, in spades. Not only was every civilization destroyed, everyone was damaged on the inside.

But wait a minute… Aren’t we told that Man “sinned” somehow, and then “fell”? Adam and Eve and that story? First there was big-time sinning, then there was the flood. That’s right, isn’t it?

What if it isn’t right? Why, if in the Golden Age when we were perfectly tuned to the spiritual realms, and could have anything we wanted, why would we rebel, become selfish and “sin”? There would be no reason to. It makes much better sense if there was a catastrophe first, which all but destroyed our divine connection, then we became selfish, since the little “self” was all anyone knew any more? This makes much more sense. Only those who deny that there was any Golden Age have a problem with it. [Read more]

How We Changed

What would you do if you were suddenly cut off from a world full of freebies? What if the heart- and soul-level connections were suddenly severed, not only with those around you, but those spiritual beings that you played with every day? With, for lack of a better word, “God”?

Shock. Loss. Fear. Like your heart was yanked out. Suddenly you were confined to your physical body, whereas before you were able to imagine yourself anywhere – on the Earth or off, perhaps in another plane of reality – and instantly you would be there. After a terrible catastrophe that lasted for years, perhaps decades, hardly anyone could do this anymore. What would happen?

Some would, for the first time, do the unthinkable. They would take from others because they would no longer have access to all. Surely the climate would have drastically changed. If there was little food, some people – starving – would take what others had. Some would make others do what they wanted, because they were so terrified of not having enough.

You can see how this would go, since it happens all the time today. Most cultures act exactly like this.

the-manySoon there were three groups of humans, where before there was only one. First was The Many, who were still numb from the shock of the catastrophe, from having lost nearly all that they had. They were the vast majority. They still are.

the-powerfulSecond was a growing number we can just call The Powerful. They are the takers. Their terror was so great they soon overcame the prohibitions against stealing, killing and so on they had lived with all their lives. No matter – take what you need. If mankind had a fall of his own, this was it. These were the first sins. We are still committing them today, for this group is just as powerful and controlling as ever.

the-fewThird was the smallest group, those who never entirely lost their spiritual connections or who were able to regain them. They tried to teach the others how to become reconnected, and at different times and different places they were successful. They are still at this work today, 11,500 years later. They have contacted you many times, whether you are conscious of it or not. (If this interests you, this is your site. Read on…)

The problem was and still is, The Powerful got used to being powerful. It became a habit. They came to see that the fewer people they had to take from, the less powerful they would be. It was and is a paranoia, borne from the terror of lack, death and disconnection. So when any of The Few came along, they were seen as a threat to The Powerful, because if you were divinely connected, you had no use for some “powerful” guy who wasn’t connected. You could provide for yourself. The more people who were reconnected, the less there would be to take from.

So The Powerful ones began controlling The Many and killing The Few. So The Few relocated, and when there were no longer any more places to go where they would be safe, they went underground, into hiding. They learned to encode their messages so The Powerful wouldn’t recognize what they were saying.

All this happened most clearly in Europe during the last 1700 years or so.

The Powerful are still with us. But so are The Few. (Read more about The Many, The Powerful and The Few)

What We Can Do

There is a fourth group, and if you have read this far, you are in it. Some of The Many feel there is something missing from their lives. They have looked for it in religion, science or mindless pursuits, but haven’t found it. Still they search. They might even get to this page.

This fourth group is called The Fools. To those of The Many who are still under the influence of The Powerful, they look foolish. Nuts. Wasting their time. One of the first things a Fool learns is that what someone else thinks is of no importance. The quest for meaning and connection within oneself is too important.

The Fool’s Journey is a journey toward a direct reconnection with the divine. The journey has nothing to do with any institutions created by The Powerful. It is a journey you take by yourself or in the company of other like-minded fools.

If you want, you can find out more about this journey.