Things are not fine in the world nor in ourselves, and we need to change that. Not in any external way at first, but person by person, starting from the inside.

Things are not fine because something happened a long time ago that cut us off from higher realms of existence—our awareness of them is nearly zero.

These higher realms are where spiritual beings—great and small—exist, and they so wish to be our companions! There is a gap between us and them that our normal consciousness can’t cross.

Our estrangement from these realms is the single reason the world is as we find it today.

We’ve completely lost the understanding that we’re all brothers and sisters who have come to the Earth for specific, important purposes. But we’ve forgotten all about this.

Isn’t there something we can do about it?

Yes, there is. What if we could re-establish that connection? What if we could become the fully-functioning and fully-connected humans we are supposed to be? What if, then, we could really know—not just guess or speculate—why we’re here on the planet?

That’s what this site is all about.

Many ancient traditions gave specific techniques that achieved reunion with the higher aspects of ourselves, but today they are little-known.

It’s time the ancient methods were cleansed of all their confusing and arcane terminology. Reshaped for our modern times, and presented in modern language. This has been done, and it’s part of our program here.

There’s work to do on such a path or journey, to be sure, but suppose that by doing so the vision described above became possible?

We are Agents for a group simply called the Few. We offer these possibilities for your consideration:

  • You realize you belong to and are connected to a higher order of life.
  • New meanings and new possibilities become available to you.
  • You revive all that is good and possible within you, which has atrophied from disuse. The pains of life recede.
  • You can’t stop smiling. Others smile when you’re around.
  • You harm none and impose your will on none. Yet the flow of your life vastly improves.
  • You become safer from harm in your mind, body, and relationships.
  • You realize how much in life is voluntary—a lot more than you thought.
  • Your life becomes a fearless adventure.
  • Most of all, the Universe begins operating on your behalf.

We invite you to join us and become an Agent and Companion of the Few, because right now they need a lot more Agents, and they’re hiring.

Are you interested? Are you free for this? Or are you too busy?

There are important things to do.

There’s a group that needs your help. When might you be available?

What’s that you say? Who are these Few? Glad you asked.

Who are these guys? And where are they? What do they have to do with the rest of us? For we are all broadly divided into these groups:

  • The Many. That’s most of us.
  • The Powerful, and we all know who these people are:military power, religious power, or mostly corporate power these days.
  • The Few, a tiny, mostly hidden group of spiritual and wisdom beings. They are looking for allies, who come from the last group:
  • The all-important Fools. We emerge from The Many, and are determined to pursue what is higher in life at all costs.

Are you among the Fools? Would it help you do decide if you knew more about who these Few really are?

Are you interested? Are you free for this? Meaning, are you free from enough other aspects of your life to consider being such an Agent?

Not sure? Think about this. What’s the current level of dissatisfaction in your life? Consider taking the

Personal Disgruntlement Test

It’s fun, and besides, it might give you some insight into your life. Really, we pursue spirituality when we become aware of our inward inadequacy, and we know we need assistance from higher orders of being. this is why traditional religions don’t work: no such assistance—consistently and unequivocally—comes from them.

Here’s the difference between religion and spirituality:

  • Religion is what other people do for you or to you.
  • Spirituality is what you do for yourself.

This latter requires some work on your part. To coin a new word, it requires that you become an intrepeneur: someone willing to go within, away from the din and distractions of the outer world, to discover the higher guidance that waits there.

Of course, a certain amount of debris, trash and other energetic agglomerations have to be disposed of first. (Your stuff.) How else can you hear that quiet little voice of wisdom we each have within ourselves.

A lot of spiritual teachings don’t mention that part—which is hard. But here, everything is clear and up front, because there’s no time to waste if we’re going to save the planet and stuff.

“We have no idea what to do with our lives.” – Colin Wilson

How can we find out? We can’t ask other people, because they’re not us; they don’t know our inmost hearts. They can only offer give their opinions. But the trouble is, oftentimes we don’t know what’s in our hearts either.

So how can we find out? By finding that heart and letting it talk to us. The trick is to hear it clearly, and this takes practice. With the right kind of practice—which is laid out in the Circles on this site—we can discover it, and at the same time discover that it is not a lonely heart: it has lots of company that we can only find in these inner places.

Of course, these are the same Few we’ve been talking about all along.

Are you ready for a big change for the positive in your life?

  • Are you ready to break away from the past?
  • Are you ready to eventually become a junior god or goddess within yourself, and so have much greater control of the circumstances around you?

If you’re not quite ready to try this, join our Possibilities Circle, which  contains a lot of additional material.