Imagine that there is an alliance of

  • Conspirators for the greater good
  • Operators of openings
  • Senders of fortuitous signals
  • Nonviolent lovers of humankind
  • Lords and Ladies of wisdom.

These are some of the attributes of the Faithful Few. Although we once were in touch with them and, indeed, they are an integral part of this alliance, we lost touch with them long ago through no fault of our own.

Note well that these Few are not individuals, nor groups of people with specific teachings. They are not “aliens” nor “ancient astronauts.” They are timeless beings on higher levels of existence from whom we are currently estranged. We all glimpse them from time to time, especially when we are children. They are our spiritual family. But our current separation from them is so complete, we have mostly come to doubt they even exist. There are countless stories about them which we either believe or disbelieve—without real proof either way.

Imagine, though, if we could have direct, ongoing personal experiences of them, where belief is replaced by certainty. Imagine if we could once again become allied with them and assist them.

The Few are engaged in completing certain tasks of the years and the ages—very long-term aims to assist humankind achieve its potential, despite every kind of adverse circumstance and calamity imaginable.

Would you be free to join them? They are looking for a few good people to help them—a lot of good people, in fact. They have jobs that only you (each of you) can do—no one else can.

If you

  • are discontented or disenchanted with your own life,
  • have a thirst for more meaning in life that neither religion nor science can fulfill,
  • desire more connection with the higher realms of existence—which is where this meaning lies, and
  • want less of life’s pain and suffering in your own life,

then you should consider joining these Faithful Few.

The pay can be low, though it is always sufficient, and there are definite perks. But the job satisfaction, joy, and sense of at-one-ment are beyond anything you have ever experienced.

The Faithful Few offer ways to regain contact with them, and so are seeking recruits to become their Agents and Companions here in the human domain. One of the best ways to get recruited is to go to Fool’s School right here.

Agent training is available here

Of course, anyone can become an Agent of the Few, but to get good at it—to be effective—you need to take the training, because without it you won’t be clear and still inside, and you may miss your assignments from the Few, and may even cause more harm than good. Most likely, though, you’ll just be wasting your time.