The Purpose of the Fool’s Journey

The Fool’s Journey is an inner one, that seeks a transformation of consciousness to a non-individual level, which is entirely outside the bounds of ordinary, sensory reality.  The goal is to be able to fulfill the real purpose of our lives here on Earth.
The work consists of two parts.  First comes a thorough understanding of the concepts involved, which include ourselves as physical/spiritual beings and how we came to lose this knowing.  A map is presented which outlines the journey steps in symbolic form.  These steps must be understood, but what is most important is the knowledge that there is such a process that can bring us back into full awareness of the spiritual domains and the part of ourselves that resides there, the divine, loving part that we are barely aware of in normal life.

The second part consists of practices designed to open our awareness to these realms.  This part uses techniques of breathing, visualization and stilling the mind.  Original music is an integral part of the process; it is used in unique ways to facilitate and shorten the journey.

Introductory meetings and workshops are given, as well as on-going classes.  Printed materials are available, as well as CDs and DVDs of the introductory and class material, visualizations and music.


The images for each stage of the journey come from a custom set of 22 Tarot cards arranged in a unique sequence that is entirely different from any proposed before.  I believe this sequence and interpretation of the cards represents the original intent of the Tarot: to provide a map of the traditional, initiatory path to spiritual self-realization.  Twelve of these cards depict the journey stages proper.  Each of these cards is paired with a zodiacal sign to help elicit its meaning.  The map of the journey is oriented toward the center of our galaxy on the outer level, and the spiritual center of ourselves on the inner levels.  Note that we are not interested here in horoscopes, Tarot divination or anything similar.  This is an operational Tarot, where each stage

of the journey depicts an inner advancement toward what has been called initiation or self-realization in many past traditions.

The practices given in class (both locally and online) are designed to connect you with a genuine inner teacher that you choose (or, more likely, one that comes to you).  Practices for inner stillness, concentration and visualization are taken from yoga, Tantra, the Western hermetic tradition, and original exercises designed for The Fool’s Journey.  Original music written for class and home work is also provided.

To find out more

First, read over the material on this site.  If you would like to learn more,check out our Fool’s School, where the real work begins.

Thanks for your interest.