In the last week or so I’ve been thinking about how to prioritize and schedule my tasks and responsibilities in the near future. These considerations all revolve around being of service to others as best I can. This is why I created the Freeya Alliance and all the Fool’s Journey materials.

So let me say a few words about the needs that I see, then follow by saying how I must respond to those needs.


There are many reasons this work must go out, now perhaps more than ever.

  1. People are searching for deeper meaning in their lives than our flat two-dimensional, mainstream culture offers. This searching can be demoralizing, and leads some people to the brink of despair. They need an alternative, which the Freeya Alliance programs can offer. The Fool’s Journey forms the heart of our work.
  2. People are hurting and are unnecessarily hurting each other. This is almost entirely borne of fear. For many, the events of recent months—the U.S. presidential election in particular—have evoked a level of fear of the future they have never experienced before. Again, the Freeya Alliance programs can go a long way toward assuaging these fears by teaching how to stand apart from them. The world is changing, and the need for self-empowerment has never been greater.
  3. There is a cosmic-level shift in consciousness that is silently manifesting on Earth right now. This is the single biggest freak-out factor behind the unprecedented level of divisiveness in the world today—from the rise of ISIS and similar groups, to American politics with its unhappy electorate, to corrupt politicians, greedy multi-national corporations and banks.

I only really became aware of this shift in consciousness around Thanksgiving 2016. I had just gotten a copy of Gary Lachman’s book The Secret Teachers of the Western World, and was skimming around in it looking for something new to me. In his last chapter he is summing up, and round about page 463 (I did a lot of skimming) he asks what the resurgence of interest in esoteric and occult matters since the 1960s means?

He was including lots of New Age areas here that began a genuine, still-ongoing spiritual revival, but also interest in real magic, the Tarot, I Ching, astrology, not to mention the mindset of the counterculture that began to flourish in 1966, partly because of the Viet Nam war, but also because of a much greater and broader impulse, Lachman thinks, that was just coming into the world. This idea is perhaps only now coming into focus. I agree with the idea of an impulse, but it’s much broader, deeper and more compelling than he imagined, and it is not something we can ignore any longer. We do not know our peril—nor how to avoid it. But it is the mission of the Freeya Alliance to teach these things to all who seek to understand the forces abroad in the world, and take a stand against them.

Apart from Lachman, I will add the still-growing impact of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy that was popularly released during the agonizing three-year period over which the books were published. (To be left hanging mid-story for a whole year—twice? Taught me patience though.) These books were the start of a movement that is still expanding in subtle and not so subtle ways.

Breaking the spell of the present

I say still expanding because those three books broke the spell of the present and the whole evolutionary meme of unidirectional progress. No longer is the insane, unrelenting march of insistent technological progress our only cultural vision. There was a good reason LOTR were the best-selling books of the 20th century after the Bible.

Millions and millions of old and young alike could see (and actually relive in a way, thanks to Dungeons and Dragons, et seq.) a different life—pastoral, richly fulfilling, heroic, non-technological, driven by an imperative for good to defeat evil at all costs, which injected a meaning into the lives of noble Elves and plain Hobbits alike, a meaning our own modern lives don’t seem to have, and in fact do not have in our cultural mainstream which consists mainly of consuming, and, now, arguing. And of course there is widespread warring, hoarding, hating, lying and selfishness on truly shameful levels.

Life in alternate realities has exploded since the ‘60s far beyond LOTR: stories and movies about King Arthur and the Round Table, the Holy Grail, Indiana Jones, Renaissance Faires, video games spawned by the aforesaid Dungeons and Dragons role-playing, and most recently of course, Harry Potter and company. J. K. Rowling is the only author ever to make more than $1 billion from writing. Talk about impact!

A lot of this we put in the genre of Fantasy books, movies, role-playing games, et al., but the ‘60s also saw the rise of Science Fiction. A pulp fringe genre in the ‘50s, SF hit the big time in the ‘60s with Heinlein, Asimov and Clarke leading the way. You know the rest: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Trek and Star Wars. And now, just in time for Christmas 2016, virtual reality goggles from Samsung.

We could call these genres “anywhere but here” escapism, and they are, of course, but just recently I’ve come to see them differently. In fact, this new idea thundered into my awareness. The emergence of Fantasy has oozed through all our cultural cracks, and I see now that their emergence heralded a shift in consciousness, a shift toward a much broader and deeper awareness—of other times and places, other life-styles, other purposes, other meanings.

Most of us are not yet directly aware of these deep changes, but many of us are aware that something has been changing. Something new is growing, and is displacing the shallowness and meaningless ennui of our mainstream lives of consumption.

But how about all those empaths or “sensitives” who may not realize any of this, but who acutely feel something is out of kilter? Those who are sensitive to all the lashing out from their less sensitive peers? Not knowing what is actually happening, and not having any tools to deal with the wave of conscious changes they are experiencing, they are suffering. At extremes, some resort to crime, drugs, distractions of every kind, and all too often, thoughts of suicide.

But this isn’t a situation to be psychoanalyzed or medicated because it isn’t centered in individual minds, brains, or bodies. A rising transformation of consciousness is likely planet-wide and species-wide, perhaps even affecting species besides us humans. (Seen any amazing cute, inter-species animal videos on Facebook lately?)

Mother Nature is changing planet-wide, even Solar System-wide. For instance, all the planets are warming, not just Earth. A major shift is underway, and it’s not just physical. (Nothing is ever just physical.) Our consciousness is shifting—growing “larger”—too.

What about all the people who have no inkling of all this? Those who are not especially sensitive to emotional (or any other kinds of) energy are for the most part oblivious to all this. All they experience is a consciousness confined in and limited to their physical bodies. I will come back to them.

But it’s important to immediately see that it is precisely consciousness that is expanding into new and unfamiliar realms, and with this expansion comes an equal expansion of values in both directions: higher and more noble, but also lower and more base.

The tasks of the moment

Let’s bring this back to the present moment: the Freeya Alliance and the Fool’s Journey. The Fool’s Journey has exactly the right concepts and practices to deal with a rising, enlarged consciousness, and the tools to successfully pursue the higher values, and create a hard limit against the negative impulses so evident in the world today.

After all, this is the transformation the Fool undergoes during the Journey. This is the vision of higher possibilities the Freeya Alliance promotes. What is so important is that the negatives have become stronger, and even more organized, while the higher, nobler, selfless impulses have faded in the limited cultural awareness we all share to a great degree.

It is the job of the Freeya Alliance to redress this imbalance. It is time to stand up, create a resistance, and say, “I will not be sucked down into fear; I will not be told by others what is true and not true. I will start the quest to rediscover my own inner strength, and I will seek the allies who can help me do this.”

My new mission

If a major change of consciousness is already underway, and I’m convinced it is, then I have to change my idea of what I’m doing, and how I can best serve others. I’ve always thought that the Kali Yuga, the current age of extreme spiritual estrangement and consequent culture of materialism, was only going to deepen, and the only way to preserve certain knowledge was to write my books, put up websites, give classes to small numbers of people, trying to salvage as much as I could for, maybe, some far off future time when materialism had run its course. I always saw this as a last ditch effort to preserve certain kinds of ancient knowledge as an almost lost cause. Many recent events certainly seemed to bear this out. My image of this was two railroad tracks gradually diverging. The easiest way to describe this is that one train carried people who cared about each other, and the other train carried those who only cared about themselves. The former group was spiritually-based, the latter group was not.

But while the tracks may diverge conceptually, they don’t always physically. To continue the metaphor, one train may run the other off the tracks, because at several points the tracks actually converge; we must find ways to live with each other so that some of us don’t get “railroaded.”

The fear wars are well under way

The wars for the control of vast numbers of people are well under way. The dummy of American presidential politics is an apt model upon which to hang and contrast the two competing modes of consciousness.

The old mode is based on fear of lack, which long ago and in many ways escalated into unfettered greed. It is symbolized by the slogan, “Make America great again.” Of course Trump and his followers can’t point to any time in the past they would like to return to, because the reference to the past is really about a return to childhood. The young child was the center of attention. Everything was provided; there was no lack. Only when you grew up did things become hard and uncertain. “Me” as a baby—everything is about me—this is Donald Trump in a nutshell. Especially when his own childhood wasn’t as pleasant love-wise as it might have been—so let’s go “back” and try to relive it. This explains the hatred of other races and ethnic backgrounds: those people aren’t like “me.”

On what was marketed as the other side of the political fence, but was really the same side, was the slogan “Stronger together,” which just lumped all of us together like lemmings to be led over the cliff by a different set of leaders, but, as the voters realized, was the same cliff as the other guy’s. Everybody played dirty, and the dust has far from settled, but the real other side are those of us who want to ride that other train into a new future. It is about being adults who recognize and care for each other. This is a hallmark of an emerging Universal Consciousness starting to be shared by so many.

The wars are between those who want to explore the future versus those who miss the past and want to cuddle inside the fear-denying comfort blanket of controls that will be provided for us by the very people who create the fears in the first place. Ramp up the fear quotient and people will want you to fix it for you. Neat trick.

But the fact is you can only lower fears by facing them, and then neutralizing them. Otherwise, someone will use your fears to their own advantage—which will almost always be to assuage their own inner fears at your expense.

The coming uneven shift

Suppose the Kali Yuga is weakening. Thinning out. Suppose power is slipping away from those who have held it for a long time. What do you think they will do to keep it? Everything they can. They will try to grab even more power by taking everything away from us they can: our money, our freedom, our choices, and they will try to keep as much of these things for themselves as they possibly can. Their fears of feeling alone and fears of lack will force them to.

They will do this until we stop them, or at least until we get out of their grasp, but we will only be able to do this if we embrace the coming shift of consciousness, and experience it not as a loss of precious individuality to which some stubbornly cling, but as the gaining of something immeasurably greater: connection to a long-lost spiritual reality and the beings who inhabit it. The Few.

This is why we must not let them divide us, for as individuals—units of isolated individual consciousness—we cannot beat them. We must combine and cooperate with each other. Form alliances of all kinds like we never have before, both on the physical plane and inner planes as well.

So this shift of consciousness will be uneven. The divide will grow between people who consider only themselves and those who care for and empathize with others. All of us in this second group are empaths of one degree or another. Those in the first group are still asleep to this experience.

What is new for me is that I grossly underestimated the increasing number of people who are coming into the emerging consciousness and will need tools to deal with the change.

My response

What has me scared is not just the effects of the changes in consciousness that are coming, and the consequent disruptions at every level of being, but that if a change like this is really coming, then many more people will want the tools and understandings the Fool’s Journey materials offer than I ever imagined.

All of my ideas now apply in a new world where a huge number of people have a changing, expanding consciousness. It’s not that more people will want to become Fools—they won’t. But they will—at some point pretty quickly—need to learn what I can teach them if they are not to go mad, or become victims more even than they already are.

What new goals must the Freeya Alliance have to meet the needs so many people are going to have during this (already begun) expansion and transition period? It seems to me its goals must be broader than just creating a small number of Agents of the Few, which most people don’t want to be and don’t really care about. (At least not at present. Things, though, are changing rapidly.)

People will just want to understand and cope with what’s happening to them. They will want to know what’s happening to their neighbors.

They will want to know why they are afraid and what they are in fear of. They will want to know how they can avoid being in fear any longer.

  • Fear of those around them;
  • fear of the deep recesses of their own minds that will start erupting like Old Faithful, something that is well underway in many people;
  • fear of the involuntary changes happening inside them: visions, traumas, inner experiences that are not their own;
  • fear of the next guy over who’s having his own eruptions and is taking his fear out on you;
  • fear of disorientation, voices, urges, inexplicable actions they will want to take;

How should people act? React? How will they understand and cope with what is coming?

People will need to know there are ways to stand up to these fears and the forces that carry them. People will need to know they have powerful allies who stand ready to assist them to grow in inner strength and depend less on the opinions and propaganda of others.

My role is no longer as I thought to just preserve something that’s dying out in our time for some future generation, but it’s instead to help people make the coming shift in consciousness as easy as possible. At least so they don’t freak out at the changes within and around them, and so they know there are ways to surmount and master the external forces in the world.

My own role, I suddenly see now, is to help people into the coming world, not to just protect them from the old one. Freeya’s mission is not a rearguard action, but a vanguard action.

Amid all this, and so perhaps surprisingly, there is a lot to preach hope about. “Here’s what’s coming—it’s great, but it’s a lot different, and you’ll need to prepare for it. Here’s how. Here are higher possibilities you may not be aware of.”

“Visions of higher possibilities” frankly, means giving people more power and confidence over themselves (not, I emphasize, over others, at least not as you might think). It means enacting in physical life the unification of consciousness in spiritual life: community, co-operative working and living. It means the freedom to pursue goals that the practices reveal to each person.

The ongoing task of the Freeya Alliance is not just to help people get free from the muddle of old, worn out opinions, habits and associations, but is also to provide a new locus, a new center that will support people who are ready to adopt new structures, beliefs, experiences, associations. It must help them get accustomed to their emerging abilities so they don’t immediately get crushed by the backlash of fear-driven outsiders. Part of Freeya’s mission is to invent and envision new ways of living that will sustain the new reality that is emerging. And this is not just going to entail a series of incremental changes; it will require radically different modes of being, because we’re all going to realize that we have to protect and support each other so we ourselves are protected and supported. That’s just how it’s going to work.

People are going to want Freeya help them build real bridges upon which they can cross over into the new consciousness safely with their sanity intact. They are going to want Freeya to help them control the new forces that will arise within and around them.

The big picture is that a lot of people will need to cross this bridge a lot sooner than I or anyone else thinks.

Next steps

Freeya must help people band together to create teams of allies, the most important of which are the inner plane allies—the Few. But also important are people helping other people in ways no one can imagine yet. At the end of this transition, the landscape is going to look a whole lot different.

Looking ahead, here are a few things I want Freeya to accomplish:

  1. There must be a place somewhere for people to gather once they begin the Journey. I don’t just mean a subsequent get-togethers. I mean ongoing support for installing a new consciousness.

Locally this can be getting back together regularly, but very soon this will balloon past one locality, so there has to be some online locale where people can talk, share, discover and explore, both among themselves as students, but also with the instructors. This will be something like a free or account or a private social media forum on one of our websites.

  1. Since there is so much material, single events are far too short to present nearly all of it, much less absorb it and practice it. Also, it’s been my experience that people quickly forget new ideas and new ways of looking at unfamiliar concepts and practices, so these need to be reinforced over and over at regular intervals.

Therefore, a version of the material presented at live events will also be available online. Five or six years ago this wasn’t so important, but these days it is expected; letting this wait would be a mistake in my view. Each element, therefore, of live events and classes must have a PDF or video of the same material.

  1. People are going to want to move forward on the Journey we have set for them quicker than we probably imagine, because the new consciousness that is emerging will not wait.

If we just introduce a new idea, or briefly mention a new practice due to limited time during an introductory event, some people will want the full version; they’ll want to know the next steps.

About tribes

Let’s call the group of people who become part of our alliance a tribe. This terminology comes from Seth Godin and his seminal book, Tribes. People currently belong to all kinds of tribes: the Democratic Party tribe, the Catholic tribe, the Seattle Seahawks tribe, which they often feel a strong attraction to. Go Hawks! {See what I mean?) In these cases it is difficult to switch tribes. “I like it where I am. Why should I switch?” These people often hate rival tribes. These are not the people I’m after.

But sometimes others aren’t so enamored with their tribe, and begin searching for another one. These are the people Freeya is interested in. But it’s often hard to leave a tribe. In football, you have to practically relocate to another town to feel (eventually) you could root for a new home team. It’s the same with any tribe. When you consider leaving your current tribe, the most difficult part is dealing with the loss of identity you had with your old tribe.

So to ease this fear, and to attract people who are ready for a change, the new tribe must offer more attractive benefits:

  • Something definite and concrete to belong to. That’s us. The Freeya Alliance is a movement, a group with a mission and stated purpose. It’s a tribe with tools for change. So far so good.
  • A tribe where there are others you can agree with. This requires labels so people know who we are, but these can be new labels that replace older, outmoded ones with too much baggage. This is why I have created a new terminology, which in essence, forms a new spirituality.
  • A tribe needs a common foe. For us, this naturally can’t be a group of people. It has to be something intangible. Something inside us, like, say, the Shadow. But this puts the emphasis in exactly the wrong place; to concentrate on the Shadows we have accumulated in the past is frankly to dwell on that past. No. The proper foe is the old form of consciousness; our aim is to transform ourselves into beings imbued with a new consciousness, full of awareness of Universal Spirit. A big job, but not an impossible one.
  • Our tribe has to show it has high expectations, which are the only things that will seduce some people to embrace change and switch tribes. Well, a whole new consciousness is a pretty high expectation. So is im-powering people (from the inside out). The Fool’s Journey is a journey to self-empowerment. It’s also a journey to authentic service in the world, despite what the outer world may be doing at the time.

So with these points in mind, what does our Alliance need to offer? Here are some of the things I foresee.

  1. Group meetings, locally and online, about overcoming fears. About releasing old traumas, habits, thought forms, etc. These are getting unhooked and deprogrammed activities.
  2. Groups (and staff) to plan the future activities of the Alliance, and how to make it spread.
  3. A private social medium, hosted on one of our own websites, where our students can talk and share their experiences with each other.
  4. Opinion research. This will be a local wiki or knowledge base about the opinions people hold that, because of the work they do with us, they have found not to be true. This will greatly help those that come later quickly see that the same opinions they hold are also false. I think this one will be great fun to do.
  5. Another wiki or knowledge base about the different ways the Few contact people. A book falling off a shelf. An overheard conversation. A vivid dream. A hunch, and the circumstances that followed as a result of following the impulse the event generated. We are so estranged from contact with the Few that any reports of how others have been contacted will also be valuable to those who follow.
  6. Local groups will need a place for announcements, future meetings, and so on, which is a natural function for a community website.
  7. Projects that Alliance members have started.

None of these functions need be implemented to start, but the stated vision to do them as part of our Alliance does need to be there at the start. The reason is that people must believe that joining our tribe will make them more powerful, more effective and more fulfilled than they feel in their current tribes.

These things are part of our vision of higher possibilities, the pictures we need to paint—to make them want to leave their old tribe and join ours.

Grokking in Fullness

I didn’t really consciously understand the implications of the great changes in progress in the world until recently. Here are the implications for the Freeya Alliance as I see them.

  1. I grok, you grok, we all grok. I only partially understood back in August and September of 2016 what this Event is really about. Only today have I really grokked it in fullness. (This is a phrase from Robert Heinlein’s wonderful novel Strangers in a Strange Land. A situation many of us find ourselves in right now. Roughly translated, it means “the wisdom borne of complete understanding.” Grok, though, is a lot easier to say.) This work is now more important than I ever imagined.
  2. Underground resistance. Daily conditions seem to get worse, both here in the U.S. and around the world. The Alliance is not political in any way, but it is going to address the effects of political choices that are only now being seen as insane, anarchic, and dreadful—despite any label they might have. These conditions and the forces that create them must not be attacked head-on, which would be doomed to fail, but by quietly creating alternative pockets of what I can only describe as underground resistance. Still squarely based on inner work, there are two goals of the Freeya Alliance, and more generally of the Fool’s Journey, besides personal spiritual transformation that I have not emphasized enough.
  3. The first goal is to spread and preserve the ancient teachings I have rediscovered—expressed now as the Fool’s Journey—so they don’t become diluted, lost, or worse, co-opted by what has been called the countertradition, which has sadly already happened with other teachings. The more people I can give these teachings to, the better chance we have of preserving them. If you understand the news of recent weeks and months, you will understand why many groups and many teachers, especially those of subtle topics, are doing the same thing.
  4. The second goal is to form several—many—nuclei of people who can continue these teachings within communities of their own making. We must learn to help one another, and do this in ways even I can’t foresee. Your Wisdom Guides will have tasks for you each to do for which I don’t have a need to know. For years I have called such communities Autonomous Spiritual Colleges, but only now do I grok what they’re really for: They are to empower you each to be the healthy tufts of new green grass that grow between the cracks in the (newly poured) concrete. The Freeya Alliance provides a supportive context to facilitate this.

Online Content – Fool’s School

Coming next, I’m working hard to put all the Fool’s Journey materials online, including the practices. These will include videos, podcasts, and expanded versions of the materials in my books, followed eventually by webinars and a private social network community inside the Fool’s Journey site. You are each invited to participate and give me your suggestions for how you’d like to see this work. There will be a group available in a few days by invitation. Contact me if you’re interested in any of this.

Call to Action

The Freeya Alliance is about how to fight back. We are going to fight back like Gandhi did—quietly and nonviolently on an inner level to start; we are going to develop and practice a certain resistance within ourselves.

To have a successful experience in this Work, you must each become proactive. The Fool’s Journey work is not about you sitting in a chair while someone delivers a lecture or tries to entertain you. If that’s what you need at this point, then our Alliance isn’t for you right now.

Strength and empowerment. I’m sure you can see our movement needs both men and women. Men: This is one way we can learn to protect our women and children and help keep them safe.

So if you recognize that the events in the outer world must be resisted—if you know you must find a safe way to defy and counteract them, then you will get a great deal from the Alliance and the Journey.

So this is not only a call to action to join us, but a call to action to join a self-supportive community—an Autonomous Spiritual College. It is a call to get involved and be of service.


Thanks, Fred


PS – For us to keep you in the loop with all that’s happening, make sure you have joined the Fool’s Journey mailing list.

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