Just arrived?

There is a lot here that may seem confusing at first. Generally, you can read the left menu pages from top to bottom.. But to get right into the nitty-gritty, here are some shortcuts based on where you might be coming from.

By the by, you might want to read through each section below, regardless of where you think you’re coming from. Categories, after all, are pretty flexible.

But First, the Requirement

This site will be of little use to you unless you have experienced a disappointment in some major facet of your life. You must be disappointed in yourself. That you haven’t found the meaning or fulfillment of your life. That what you have found so far isn’t enough to satisfy you. Not religion, not science, not your friends, family or all the opinions in the world around you. Note that this doesn’t mean you have lost faith in these things, but only that the apparent “facts” and methods you have learned haven’t taken you far enough or in the right direction.

Unless you have experienced such a disappointment first-hand you will still be sure the outer, visible methods will work and are not instead in a real sense empty – a kind of busywork charlatanism with which you can deceive yourself for a time. You will still value them too much. You will likely not have the necessary motivation to seek an inner path which is not visible. The goal of the Fool’s Journey is to learn how to come into resonance with the highest parts of ourselves, and in our present states we have no idea how high that might be. But the journey is always inward: to the inner heart of all religions. To the inner heart of knowing in a scientific sense. To the inner heart of ourselves, which is hidden.

We all need disappointment first to finally be able to overcome the initial unfamiliarity of an inner path. For if you know that somewhere there is still something worthwhile, then you will be more receptive to a different kind of path – like this one – that crosses your own path.

That said, on to the categories …

General guidelines

Start with the first two menu headings: Long Ago and The Journey before going deeper. This will give you a pretty good idea of what’s here. The pages under The Fool’s View provide background material. When you’re ready to experience what we’re talking about firsthand, check out Inner Work, where the real action happens. Beyond that,

If you’re a “lightworker” …

Welcome! You might want to start with The Plateau. On this site, we’re not much concerned with stuff that’s “outside” oneself, like crystals, divination, horoscopes, other people as authorities (embodied or not) or ETs. These are but distractions. If you are waiting for somebody to swoop down and save your bacon instead of doing a lot of hard work on yourself, this site might not be what you’re looking for.

What we are concerned with here is what’s “inside.” This means, first of all, clearing and cleansing the mind, developing the ability to concentrate and meditate. All these are in preparation for tackling the ideas of life and death, and coming into resonance with the divine realms.

Most of all, we’re concerned with consciousness: how it got to be the way it is, and how to restore it the way it was during the Golden Age.

There is a lot here about the Tarot, but it’s not what you’re probably used to. We use the 22 Tarot archetypes to illuminate the steps in an operational path toward expanded consciousness. Any of you Tarot-types might like to check out the About the Tarot page. You’ll probably be scandalized, but give it a try. There’s a Tarot inside the Tarot, as it were, and it’s time for it to come out. Of course, don’t miss the map.

If you’re a refugee from a traditional religion …

Again welcome! This is not a religious site. No worshiping is going on; no gods or goddesses are site admins. This is, rather, a scientific site, in the sense that you are given some tools to find things out for yourself. Information, data, claims, stuff written in old books (and even on websites like this one) have only limited usefulness in the realm of spirituality unless some hands-on experience is given.

Here you have the opportunity, through the practices and exercises, to find spiritual answers via direct, personal experience. Nothing I or anyone else can say will have the same quality of meaning as your own knowing.

So let the knowing begin. Start with The Parable of the Coach and branch out from there. You might recognize this story from Gurdjieff, but it actually comes from the Katha Upanishad.

If you hate everything about religion …

Fine. There is science here, more, perhaps, than you know exists. But instead of science about things “out there,” here we employ the science of consciousness. It is, by the way, the oldest science, which goes back to the dawn of the historical period. It’s called tantra. (Not the “sex” stuff you might have heard about, although I comment about this aspect a bit. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll need to try somewhere else.)

Many of the practices given in the Fool’s Journey classes and workshops are derived from yoga and tantra that have been practiced for thousands of years. Other practices come from the hermetic tradition, which is also non-religious. Yet others have been designed specifically for the FJ.

Not that this site is anti-religious. It’s just that what’s important for self-realization has been buried so deeply inside the major exoteric religions it’s nearly impossible to find it.

We’re here to help. Look around the site, and happy hunting.

If you’re angry and aren’t going to take it any more …

I’m with you! Except the angry part.

Don’t get angry, get enlightened! There is a method, a very ancient method, to find the way to rise above all the clutter, clatter, confusion, petty egos, injustices, greed and all the rest. How to do it, though, might be a bit different than you imagine.

Like the airlines say, in case of a sudden drop of cabin pressure (meaning, nobody can breathe – sound familiar, the not being able to breathe part?), you should put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others with theirs. Well, in the outer world the “cabin pressure” dropped long ago. Before you can save yourself from whatever’s troubling you (well, most anything), you need some “oxygen.” Many of the beginning practices given in the FJ classes are taken from yoga, which eventually give an inner strength and perhaps the wisdom to transcend many kinds of problems.

But if you still want to be angry, be angry for the right reasons. Check out The Aftermath and The Four Divisions of Humanity. You’ll be steamed, but if you keep reading you’ll see a way past the anger to an inner determination to fight back. Mind you, this is an inner fight – a fight against yourself, no one else – because the real solutions are all inside ourselves. Peace.

If you’re really into your religion …

Well, maybe this site isn’t for you.

On the other hand, how about a great story? Its got a gigantic disaster, plenty of mystery, subversion, death by the thousands, heroes, heroines and bad guys. Its an epic saga that covers about 11,000 years. (Well, I summarized a lot of it so it would fit.) Not many people know this story, so you could be the first on your block.

Start with the menu heading Long Ago, then hit The Golden Age then maybe The Catastrophe. Keep reading if you want, because the best parts come after that.

Remember, though, that around here, we’re into finding stuff out for ourselves, rather than just taking in what other people say, do or believe. Sounds kind of kooky, but it begins to grow on you when you get into it.

Finally, if you’re just looking for a good story …

Try the suggestions for the religious folks just above. Not only is it a good story, it’s also pretty controversial. It’d be good at a party.