About Fool’s School

Otherwise known as Remedial God & Goddess Training, I am going to offer several courses both first, as digitally downloadable modules, then eventually as live events.

My plan is to offer each course four times a year. My goal is to start the first session of Course 101 in August 2017.

I’ll let you know when each course becomes available if you let me keep you informed – see the box at the right.

This course lays the foundation for the two Fool’s Journey courses that follow. This course covers and expands on the material in Fred Cameron’s book, The Fool’s Secret Journey, Volume 1.

It begins by describing the three things everyone wants: 1) to be safe from harm, 2) to belong to something important, something greater than themselves and the mundane human world, and 3) to do what each of us was uniquely sent here to do. (Look deeply within yourself. Aren’t these the things you really want, too?)

Many of us are dissatisfied with the world we find ourselves living in. This course looks at the real reasons the world is in an unhappy state, and most importantly, what each of us can to do about it. But this course is not about changing the outer world, at least not directly. Instead it’s about calling forth an inner spiritual connection we each have—but which has atrophied in most of us from lack of use. In fact, most people don’t even know they have such a connection.

We start by describing a new set of terms that comprise a whole New Spirituality. The old terms from most religions and even most spiritual traditions carry so much baggage it’s best to start over with new terms that are neutral; this allows us to see inside them more clearly—a whole, living spiritual realm is just around an expansion of consciousness. To achieve such a state is exactly the aim of the Fool’s Journey.

This first course has 10 modules.

The goal of this course is to put you in touch with at least one representative of the Few—a personal, inner guide with whom you will have steady and certain contact. Or at least give you the tools to achieve this on your own in the days and weeks to come. There will be a lot more on exactly who these “Few” are later on.

But note well! Your spiritual guides have been interacting with you all your life! So in some ways this is going to be nothing new, but we’re going to teach you how to pay attention to them. How to hear and sense them. How to quiet yourself inside—get rid of a great deal of inner debris—so you become aware of their presence in your life. Our aim is to give you “a constant, attentive inner calm.”

When you master the Lesser Mysteries, you will become an Agent, or Companion, of the Few. An Ally. When you complete the Journey of the Greater Mysteries, you have the opportunity to become one of the Few yourself.

This course has 13 modules and many practices that propel you on your journey.

In this course we complete the Fool’s Journey material with several advanced practices.

This course has 5 modules. Course 102 is a prerequisite.