When we’re honest with ourselves, basically we want only three things in life: To be free from harm, to belong to something greater than ourselves, and to fulfill the purpose of our live here on Earth. Why, though, is this so hard?

  1. Free – We want to be free from harm. Part of this is economic freedom and liberty in our lives, part is to be healthy, but there are mental and emotional aspects, too.
  2. Belong – We want a connection with something greater than ourselves, higher than the human sphere. Something that will bring meaning to our lives; something we can truly say we belong to.
  3. Do – Knowledge of and immersion in the real purpose of our lives—a purpose that matters and that involves service to others. This is a unique purpose that we may as yet have no inkling of.

People who don’t share these desires consciously live in the illusion that such things are not possible for them. They may believe they are victims of an economic machine that wants to grind them down. Or they may not believe that realms greater than the merely human realm of everyday consciousness really exists. Or their self-image might be so low that they have come to believe that they are of no use to the world or to themselves.

But deep down, if we really look within ourselves, there is always a faint hope that our lives might change. And deeper yet, perhaps, is the wisp of the idea that there might be something we could do—ourselves—that could change our lives for the better and be of service to others, if only we had a path, some kind of plan—the sight of some way forward.

We’ll come back to what this way forward might be, but first let’s look more closely at each of these three things we all want.

1. Become Free From Harm

To become free from harm has three aspects.

  1. In mind. This means having a mind that is at peace within itself and with the outer world. It means not being negatively influenced by the opinions of others, and not unmindfully following their instructions. This must come first, for without it, none of the other things are possible.
  2. In body. This means being free from illness and disease. The quiet mind can go a long way toward creating this condition.
  3. In your affairs. Being free in your affairs means being at liberty in your life, being free from economic hardship, and being free from harm in your relationships.

Is any of this possible? It may not seem so in a world that seems so overwhelming to many of us, so difficult and demoralizing. It is possible, and we will look at the ways to bring this about.

2 . Belong to Something Greater

This does not refer to being an employee in a large corporation, or any other type of human organization. Instead it means having a real, conscious, full-time connection with our unseen companions who exist on a higher, greater plane of existence than the mundane everyday world that so effectively captures our consciousness.

There is a need to use new terminology for very old concepts (and some new concepts as well), so as not to carry forward the negative connotations so many religious and spiritual terms have nowadays. So we speak of Universal Spirit, abbreviated U.S.—which just means “us.” Universal Spirit inhabits a higher, divine (which just means “non-physical”) plane of existence. We, as our human selves, inhabit this seemingly lower, mundane plane. At least that’s where our conscious minds locate us.

But we are intimately connected to Universal Spirit, even though it doesn’t seem like it most of the time. So what if we could consciously re-establish this connection that we’ve just forgotten all about? For all of humanity had it long ago; we remember it as a world-wide Golden Age, when everyone was connected to Universal Spirit all the time. There are ways to get this connection back that we shall look at below.

3. Do Something That Matters

Knowing, specifically by personal experience, that something higher than ourselves exists, what, then is our unique purpose with respect to it here on Earth? In other words, how can we be of service to Universal Spirit? For to think that we have no positive purpose is just to have been misled. But that’s not unusual; we’ve all been misled most of our adult lives, because that connection to Universal Spirit has been missing.

How things can change when that connection is restored within ourselves! Being connected to U.S. is the best feeling a human can have—way better that sex or drugs. Once you’ve had a full taste of it, you’ll do anything to get more, including sacrificing your past, ego-oriented desires. In some traditions this act is called intentional suffering, voluntarily putting your desires aside to pursue something higher, which we are going to call Universal Spirit’s tasks of the years and the ages.

Discovering our inmost heart’s desire is one thing, but doing it, immersing ourselves in it, is something else. How could we afford to? We have to have jobs; we have to work, even if we don’t like our work.

But here is why the three things we all want must be approached together. Back at number 1, being free from economic harm doesn’t necessarily mean being rich, but it does mean U.S. will help provide for you economically if you are and remain in alignment with its goals. It means you will have enough to comfortably pursue its/your goals. It doesn’t mean just goofing off and ignoring your new-found connection. It may mean working harder than ever, but it does mean being of service in ways you may have never thought possible or necessary.

The Way Forward

The key is to note that none of these three things—specifically becoming free from harm—will work unless all three are sought together, for they constitute a kind of family, if you will:

  • The inner Mother represents the path to reunion with the realm of Universal Spirit, to which we yearn to belong, but from which we are mostly estranged. It is via the Mother that this connection is re-established.
  • The inner Father is the active pursuit of one’s true purpose that the Mother helps reveal. It is only with the Mother’s help that the Father can be revealed. This constitutes a real, wonderful reunion within yourself when it happens.
  • The Child—the offspring—is the realization of the largess and grace that the union of the Mother and Father within your provides. This is the “free from harm” part, and as you see, it really comes last, not first.

So we must seek the connection first, both to understand what it is, and then to create it within ourselves, for without this, none of the rest will occur. You will only reap distortion, illusion and futility. But that is the state we’re in now, so nothing will have changed with only part-way measures, that are just more of the same.

But out of this genuine connection with Universal Spirit comes the realization of the purpose of our lives. Finally, enough is provided to us so that we may, with possibly a little stretching on our parts, realize that purpose.

So first comes the connection, but a connection to what?

The Higher Connection

People connect themselves to all sorts of things in the hopes of enjoying a sense of belonging to something greater than themselves, and to bring meaning into their lives. But the very meanings we find in life depend on and derive from the connections we have made. Think of your home town. Or your local sports team. Think of your family, and all your personal relationships. All of these provide the meaning in our lives, and all come with emotions, good or bad (and sometimes both at the same time!).

But sometimes we tire of the same old meanings; they become stale, and we long for something better and deeper. Maybe in politics, your party has put one too many idiots in power, and you’re sick of them all. Maybe you’re in an abusive or dead-end relationship, and it’s time to get out—the meaning has become just meanness. Or your job has lost all interest; you hate going in every day. Maybe you’ve been through a personal trauma, and your religious or spiritual support network has failed you by not providing enough meaning or solace.

Sometimes we feel helpless and locked in to our situation. This can lead to demoralization and depression. Drugs, gangs, and crime are sometimes the answers we seek, but only if life’s meanings have narrowed to almost nothing at all.

It’s time for new connections. If you’ve exhausted connections, groups and people in the outer world, it’s time to go inside and find out what wondrous companions might be waiting there.

There is a group of beings it is easiest to just call the Few. Some are fully realized human beings, past and present. Some are known and revered in various religious and spiritual traditions from around the world. Many more are nearly completely unknown. The thing they all have in common is that they are all personifications of Universal Spirit. More concretely, if you like, they are Agents of Universal Spirit.

Some are not human at all. These exist in a realm higher than the mundane reality we experience most of the time. Perhaps they were human once; now they are much more than human. But rather than give them names—which would only limit their actual natures, and probably  cause an inter-denominational ruckus—I’ll instead just list a few of their attributes and activities, as they relate to us.

They are powerful beings we can sometimes perceive, if we allow them into our awareness under the right (inner) circumstances. They are wisdom beings that guide and advise us. They are our companions, whether we realize it or not. And they dearly wish more of us would seek them out.

They invite us to be like them, and come where they are. Collectively, they are:

  • Conspirators for the greater good;
  • Colluders of joy and comfort;
  • Dancers of delight;
  • A co-op of contingency disrupters;
  • An alliance of awakeners;
  • Hierophants for half-understanders;
  • A federation of Fool finders;
  • Purveyors of whimsical possibilities;
  • Lords and Ladies of Wisdom;
  • Composers of synchronous meanings;
  • Partners for imaginable plausibility;
  • Operators of openings;
  • A coalition of coincidence creators;
  • Senders of fortuitous signals;
  • The Faithful Few;
  • Those who are awake;
  • Transcendental ticklers of boredom; and not least,
  • Fierce allies of love and light.

Get the idea? And in this day and age, we hardly know they exist.

We have lost our connection to these Few, although some people are able to recover this connection within themselves. But if some people can, then everyone can who desires to, and is willing to work to achieve it. By doing so, we can become Agents and Companions of these Few—Agents and Companions of Universal Spirit.

Wise Fools

The word “Fool” is a technical term in our work, with the following meaning:

Fool (fōōl), n. 1. Someone on a spiritual path who isn’t afraid to look foolish before their peers. 2. Someone who learns to see and understand what few others can. 3. Someone, in other words, who is brave. The word is a badge of honor and distinction, although, sadly, its ranks have enjoyed only a limited membership. Maybe, though, that’s changing. Syn: wise fool, metaphysical fool.

Those who aspire to become Agents of the Few are just such Fools. And those engaged in our work are called Warrior Fools, because they go to war with themselves. This is a task and a journey that may take a lifetime. It may take much less. Here’s a description of it.

The Fool’s Journey

When we don’t find the meanings in life we feel or know should be there, we have a choice. One choice is to just go on as before and never really search for the meaning we crave, which is ultimately a defeat, but one many people live with their entire lives.

Or we can do something about this missing meaning. The search for meaning in our lives takes courage: courage to grow and courage to change, without retreating. But here is a way to start. It’s a journey with seven basic stages, divided into two parts.

Stage 1. Inner Preparation

This first stage is very important. We find a space and time in which we can be quiet, without external interruptions. We take a few moments to clear this space and ourselves, mentally and emotionally. There are certain specific techniques that make this stage very powerful.

Stage 2. Mental Peace and Stillness

The world pulls us and pushes us. It tries to control your attention; it tries to tell you what to do and think. (Think of all the advertising and marketing you are subject to 24/7.) You need to unhook yourself from all this by going within and seeing which beliefs, opinions and experiences you are holding, and which of them you are better off without, for beliefs and opinions are diseases that confine you, and prevent you from gaining the things you want in life. This stage involves a process of neutralizing your emotions and emotional attachments, and of discarding the beliefs and opinions from the outside world that do not serve you. It is a process of becoming patient in judgment. It involves forgiveness of others and yourself.

In this stage, you create an inner refuge from the outer world, and from your normally active mind. It is a still, quiet sort of Home Base that you strengthen and grow with each step on your journey.

Once an inner peace is achieved, it is much easier to still your mind. And once your mind is still, your inner guides can be detected, heard, and sensed, both while you are still, but also when newly-apprehended events occur in ordinary life that have a non-ordinary cause—that are set up by the Few. Thus begins a process of training your attention toward what was once subtle, but has now become profound.

Stage 3. Inner Knowledge and Strength

Here, you learn to fashion an inner refuge and place of personal power, apart from the outer world. This is your Home Base, which you will develop further in later stages.

This stage is also concerned with separating mind from feelings, with getting your emotions under control, which is one way of saying you learn how to step outside yourself, so to speak, to gain control of yourself. This means mastering your ego mind’s pride and desires.

During this stage, you become much more sensitized to the myriad ways the Few are attempting to contact you. Significantly, now real divine assistance begins in your life, and continues as long as you remain true to the knowledge revealed and experiences granted to you. This specifically includes harming no others, judging no others, and acting in the highest good for all, as best you are able.

This requires strength, for without it you will never get to the following stages.


This concludes the first part of the journey. At this point, you have all the tools you need to obtain what is most important in life. With the mind still and at peace, free from negative thoughts and emotions, access to your inner guides is open, and your life can transform. Ways to safely free your body from disease and illness will become known to you. Old relationships will heal, and new ones will appear. As your connection to the Few grows and deepens, you will realize you are an intimate part of an immense spiritual realm you may never have known existed before. Finally, the real purpose of your life, the unique way you may repay the debt of your existence, will gradually—or suddenly!—become known to you, as will the means by which you may live it.

You become a Companion and Agent of the Few when you successfully master the practices for these first three stages of the journey.

For many people, this great accomplishment will be enough. It is a rare, lifetime achievement for most of us. But for others, it will not be enough. For them—and perhaps for you too—the second part of the Fool’s Journey will beckon. It is comprised of the last four stages.

Stage 4. Conjunction

In the previous stage you created a space within yourself which allowed Universal Spirit to enter, personified as one of the Few, who you come to know personally. No book description or second-hand account will ever be able to do justice to that being, and your encounters with him or her. In this stage you are invited to join that being in a kind of inner union. As this relationship develops, a new center of consciousness is born in the Home Base that you established back in Stage 2. Now, you learn to hold an inner light that is not affected by any event or circumstance in the outer world. This is indeed a momentous step.

It is also at this stage that you become certain of your true purpose for being on Earth at this time, if you have not already sensed it. And, not coincidentally, you realize the universe—Universal Spirit, of course—has begun operating on your behalf.

Note that you may not begin a spiritual journey at this stage, and expect anything positive to happen. (This was the problem with, for example, The Secret movie and book, which was popular a few years ago. It just didn’t work.) Nor can anyone grant or bestow on you the results of any work they might have done. No, you must start at Stage 1 and work your way step by step to get this far. The key, universal principle here is TANSTAAFL, which means There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

Stages 5 – 7

These final three stages are Sacrifice, Emergence, and Self-Realization. Little of value can be said about them in this necessarily brief introduction. Likewise, much has been skimmed over or left out of the first stages regarding the nature of the transformations undergone once you have embarked on them.

It is sufficient to say that the ego dies, but something else—a separate center of consciousness you have prepared in and of your Home Base—is ready to take its place. What remains is essentially a new being. You are still you, but you are also an active Agent for Universal Spirit, which is now alive and aware within you.

When you complete the second part of the journey, you are no longer an Agent of the Few, but become one of the Few, a direct part of Universal Spirit: a transformed human with an active, conscious spiritual identity. You are intimately connected to a new spiritual family, you have a terrific new job which has been tailored just for you. You are free for the first time to become anything you and Universal Spirit want.

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