Where did all the patterns come from?

What if there was convincing evidence that the Earth, Moon, and Sun could not have come to be as they are by chance? What if the patterns among them were so improbable that some unknown Agency had to have a hand in their existence?

We humans are also mixed up in these relationships and patterns— which suggests some kind of “creation conspiracy” of which we are, somehow, a part. Is there more to the Cosmos that neither science nor religion can explain?

Invisible Agents of Creation offers startling new ways to understand these questions, ways that open new possibilities for our lives and our purpose for being on the planet.

Starting with a brief tour of the Solar System, we  nd unexpected patterns that connect the Earth, Moon, and Sun with water, cosmic rays, the Golden Ratio, mothers, and babies. We will  nd ourselves inside atoms, and at the center of the galaxy. We’ll consult Leonardo da Vinci and a few Nobel-winning physicists about a thing or two, but eventually we are led to ask: Is there some kind of truth in movies like Blazing Saddles, The Matrix and The Truman Show?

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Invisible Agents of Creation is a light-hearted inquiry that leads to the inescapable conclusion that the universe has been adjusted for our benefit. Tweaked. Purposely altered by some Solar System engineering Agency. Who might have done this? And why?

From quantum physics, far past the debate between Intelligent Design vs. Evolution, to Oracle-like noodle baking and practices from Kundalini Yoga—this book concludes that there is indeed such an Agency, and there is something we can and must do to contact it and, in so doing, touch what is real and whole within ourselves.

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