I just added this post to our sister site, The Freeya Alliance, but I thought it belonged here, too, because it's about the Fool's Journey in general. The Freeya Initiation Event is just one way to get knowledge of the FJ out there. What is important is preserving ancient knowledge that has largely been lost in these modern times, not only in books and in websites, but in people who learn to embody them.

About the Initiation Event

Several people have asked us what are we actually going to do in this workshop. We have just added some details to our Events page which you can check out. But I’d like to also add this.

We are going to show you visions of higher possibilities for yourself. We are going to show you how to discover the deep meanings life should have, but doesn’t have most of the time. We are going to give you a new sense of personal power and connection that will transform your life.

The thrust of the Event is to give you the tools so you can accomplish these three things:

  1. Become free from harm in body, mind and your affairs, both economic affairs and your relationships.
  2. Connect you to something greater than yourself, higher than the human sphere. Something that will bring meaning to your life; something you can truly say you belong to.
  3. We’ll help you discover the real purpose of your life—a purpose that matters, and that involves service to others. We each have a unique purpose in life that we may as yet have no inkling of.

To accomplish these things, we’re going to give you the understandings of why we’re in the fix we’re in today—how we got here, and what we can do to make things better for ourselves—and then also for others.

A big part of the weekend, though, will be to give you actual techniques and practices to make these things happen. These practices are taken from different branches of Yoga, from the Western Hermetic tradition, the Sufis, and original practices that we have developed over the years. These are all powerful tools for self-transformation.

We are going to use the 22 Tarot Major Arcana cards as a framework for describing a spiritual journey we call The Fool’s Journey. We’re going to show you the map of this journey, and help you embark on it. There’s no fortunetelling or anything like that; instead the cards form an incredible structure—still accurate after 600 years—that helps us reconnect with our sacred origins and spiritual partners.

The Age of Anarchy

The world has changed—especially in recent months. Anarchy means irresponsibility to the many for the sake of a few powerful groups at the economic top. And this is rapidly going to get worse.

But if others become irresponsible—especially those in roles of power—we must remain responsible. We must not get caught up in their machinations and propaganda. Instead we must remain true within ourselves.

We must save and preserve traditional wisdom so that it is not lost in the hustle of life and the suppressive forces abroad in these modern times.

We must not be pulled off course.

We must create small communities—which is what the Freeya Alliance fosters—that understand and practice the ancient methods of a Tradition that reconnects us to our sacred partners in higher realms of existence. The most important part of this Event is to bring these Beings alive for you. It is to bring them into your consciousness—for if someone just tells you about them, you won’t really grok that they are your companions, and that they have unique jobs for each of us.

Our Primary Task

The primary task for us is to preserve certain teachings so they aren’t lost during this Age of Anarchy. This situation has occurred many times in the past, whenever those in power seek to suppress knowledge of the acquisition of personal spiritual power.

  1. The ancient teachings must be preserved from distortion and dilution. The Fool’s Journey is one formulation of these ancient wisdom teachings.
  2. The practices must be preserved so the teachings can be applied correctly.
  3. The connection between the human and spiritual realms must be preserved so the Tradition remains alive. This means you and me, if you are at all attracted to this work.
  4. Plant the seeds within many people so that Tradition retains its anchors in the physical world, and so that it might spread despite all odds.

It doesn’t matter if you’re happy, rich, poor or otherwise. We face forces of confusion, misdirection, contingency, accident and false teachers. But the Wisdom Beings—our constant companions if we only knew it—are much stronger than any of these, and so are we when we ally ourselves with them.

The Legacy

I spent over 15 years rediscovering ancient teachings and shaping them into a system designed for these modern times. The Fool’s Journey is part of a legacy that extends back over 5000 years. Attempts are periodically made to suppress and subvert these teachings, and this is happening today, as we are repeatedly told to be good consumers—that’s what life is all about.

But if you are dissatisfied with this propaganda—if you know life should have deeper meanings than shopping and being entertained—then I hope you’ll consider coming to our Event to absorb and preserve this legacy within yourself.


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