These courses will become available in the very early part of 2017, probably starting with Course 340, as some people are waiting for the practices. We'll let you know when each course becomes available if you let us keep you informed - see the box at the right,

This course covers the contents of The Fool’s Secret Journey Volume 1, Part 1. Each Module corresponds to one chapter of the book, but also includes much new information that's not in the book.

7 modules.

Covers and substantially extends the last two chapters of The Fool's Secret Journey, Volume 1: The Way Back. Archetypes and Thought forms; T4s, myths; the levels of interpretation; memes and floaters. Recap the Hell cards so people get the idea that each of these cards has to be nullified. How to do this is described in the practices.

An introduction to the entire Fool's Journey map; the four Hell cards; the Fool card; the Eye (the I); the World card. What the journey entails. Which courses cover the different parts of the journey.

6 modules.

The Journey stages in The Fool's Secret Journey, Volume 2, up to and including Stage III. This course includes all the practices for this part of the journey.

10 Modules.

The completion of the journey from Stage IV through Stage VII. The alchemy of the journey. For advanced students.

5 modules.